LOGO Bela LAB sin fondo alta

Bela LAB is a pharmaceutical company based in Barcelona that provides innovative healthcare products(medical devices) and cosmetics to laboratories and distributors (B2B). We research new technologies and market trends to offer our customers new business opportunities.

Our philosophy

PASSION: to improve current products offering greater welfare to our consumers.

ENTHUSIASM: in each of our workers and projects to offer the best of us.

ILLUSION: to forge relationships with our partners.


“Innovation is a challenge and not a drama, an opportunity and not a threat”

Amparo Moraleda


What we do?

We investigate

We investigate new technologies that add value to the product to achieve greater effectiveness and comfort

We analyze trends

We analyze trends that can be successful to launch new products to the market and ensure their success.

We formulate

We formulate with new ingredients that provide added value and demonstrated effectiveness.

We design

We design according to the trends and technical needs to offer an attractive, comfortable and effective product.

We create

We create the packaging and the PLV to obtain a correct communication of the product in record time, reducing production and logistics costs.

We produce Ad-Hoc

We produce Ad-Hoc any product that the client asks us for. Being able to customize from the support to the packaging or packaging.

Client's formulation

We can produce our product with the formula of our customers in order to offer a new complementary solution to consumers without losing the essence of the brand.

Exclusivity and security

in each of our processes to ensure maximum peace of mind and confidentiality to our customers.

Bela LAB team

Bela LAB is formed by a team with a long experience in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sector nationally and internationally. It also has its own department of graphic design, packaging and POS to offer a comprehensive product development service.