A patch of easy application against hyperhidrosis, comfortable, discreet and without the need of equipment or connection to the electrical network

La terapia

más cómoda

contra la hiperhidrosis

Bela Lab’s patches are applied in the most comfortable way possible, while you sleep.


Product catalogated as a  Medical Device Class I

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Box of 28 patches

( 14 applications)

with aluminum satchet with airtight seal (ZIP)


8 hours during the night

Its current use

It is an electrodynamic patch whose tissue is made up of photovoltaic cells that use the principle of iontophoresis. The micro-currents generated by the patch, when in contact with the skin, balance the sweat cells of the affected area helping to stop the excess of sweating.

Sweating is a physiological process of the organism, however, when the secretion of sweat exceeds 100mg / cm2 / minute, this is an anomaly known as hyperhidrosis. In many cases hyperhidrosis is associated with anxiety or nervousness and is more common in women, especially in menopausal age. This anomaly can occur in different areas of the body in an isolated or generalized way.

The iontophoretic patch is indicated for the treatment of hyperhidrosis of the hands, feet and armpits.

The treatment against hyperhidrosis can be annoying because of the high investment that has to be made for the treatment, either in specialized clinics or in the purchase of the device. In addition, these practices need to be 10-15 minutes with the hands or feet immobile during the treatment.

  • Apply comfortably at night
  • Unlike some devices, there are no small cramps or discomfort during treatment
  • It is not necessary to be immobile, as they are autonomous patches, that is, they are not connected with cables
  • Safe.There is no danger of electrocution as they are not connected to the network or use batteries
  • Low cost compared to the investment in treatment devices against hyperhidrosis
  • Greater discretion in the treatment


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