Patches are a galenic form increasingly used thanks to its multiple benefits:

  • Guarantees maximum penetration of assets up to the dermis.
  • Ensures the exact dose needed, avoiding overdose.
  • Prevents the activation of digestive enzymes and the effect by liver passage.
  • Reduce side effects.
  • Ensure a continuous and constant segregation of ingredients.
  • They allow the interruption of the treatment in an instant.
  • They are comfortable and easy to apply.

Bela LAB patches are the evolution of conventional patches, providing even more benefits than their predecessors. They use iontophoresis technology and contain mono-dose adhesives that release the ingredients in a controlled and deep way, achieving maximum efficiency in each application. These patches are the evolution of the dermal and transdermal patches achieving a double action. 


IONTOFORESIS consists in introducing ions of active substances through the skin, induced by the low intensity current generated at the contact of the patch and sweat. The basis is that ionic substances have an electrical charge and tend to move towards the opposite pole, where they are absorbed through the skin. Our electrodynamic patches with alternating voltaic cells that use the principle of iontophoresis, thus significantly favoring the absorption of active molecules.

This technology represents the evolution of the dermal and transdermal patches resulting more effective thanks to its double action.


More efficient ingredients absorption

The electromagnetic field created by the patch generates an ion channel that allows a more efficient absorption of the ingredients that migrate through the skin.


It stimulates collagen production

The electro-ionic action creates a ``cellular massage`` that favors the exchange of oxygen between the cells, revitalizing the connective tissue. Thus, iontophoretic patches offer stimuli that increase the production of collagen, thus favoring the elasticity and health of the skin


Bela LAB

It reduces bags, wrinkles and furrows of expression of the eye contour thanks to the tensile and rejuvenating effects of African Kigelia and the  natural production of collagen thanks to iontophoresis.

It is the evolution of current hair patches thanks to the six active ingredients and iontophoresis. Improves capillary microcirculation and collagen production ensuring and promoting the growth of a healthy and strong hair..

It represents the evolution of the current healing patches. Thanks to iontophoresis technology, and its active ingredients (hyaluronic acid and onion extract), it reduces any type of scar in a comfortable way and with good results.

It reduces excessive sweating thanks to the iontophoresis technology. They are conveniently applied at night and are autonomous, that is, neither a device nor a connection to the current is necessary..

Reduces cellulite and fat thanks to the effect of an amino acid and the formulation with seven natural active ingredients.

We have all you need

At Bela LAB we develop new products for other applications and new technologies.

We also have the ability to produce Ad-hoc patches in any of its variables: size, formulation, packaging, etc.