The only iontophoresis patch for hair treatment

The capillary patch

most advanced in the market

Iontophoresis technology, together with the properties of the six active ingredients it contains, form a patch with improved results for transdermal and dermal hair loss patches.


Product cataloged as cosmetic 

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Box of 28 patches (1 month treatment) with aluminum satchet with airtight seal (ZIP)


8 hours during the night


The Bela LAB Hair Loss Patch is an electrodynamic patch with alternating voltaic cells that uses the principle of iontophoresis. It enhances the absorption of active molecules allowing a greater effect to be achieved in the area of the hair bulb and the scalp. In addition, as a consequence of the electro-ionic action it promotes the production of collagen, favoring the health of the skin and hair.

Its current use

It is a new technology product that is based on iontophoresis and the continued release of its ingredients:

  • Improves microcirculation of the capillary zone
  • Regenerates the collagen of the scalp
  • Prolong the growth phase of the hair
  • Promotes long-term development
  • Ensures and promotes the growth of a healthy and strong hair.
Six natural ingredients 

    It contains flavonoids, potassium salts, resins and essential oils. It helps improve microcirculation in the capillary zone.


    It has been shown in several studies invitro an inhibitory efficacy of the substance 5-alpha reductase type II, the main cause of common baldness.


    It provides flavonoids and nutrients to the hair bulb and helps to regenerate collagen.


    Action as detoxifying and anti-oxidant that favors the correct development and growth of the surrounding tissue and hair.


    An exogenous contribution of cysteine helps the correct hair development and avoids the fall due to lack of construction material.


    Intracellular Messenger (Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate / cAMP) that generates adenosine, elevates FGF7 levels by prolonging the phase of hair growth and promoting a long-lived development..

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