The only iontophoretic patch for the treatment of scars with active ingredients

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Iontophoresis joins with the benefits of Hyaluronic Acid and Onion Extract to achieve the best results in scar reduction


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Box of 2 patches of 10 x 20cm (400 cm²) cut-outs for the desired use (cesarean sections, appendicitis, small wounds, etc.)


Throughout the day and can even get wet


Bela Lab’s Scars Patch is an electrodynamic patch with alternating voltaic cells that uses the principle of iontophoresis. It favors the absorption of active molecules, allowing a greater effect in the repair of scars. In addition, as a consequence of the electro-ionic action it promotes the production of collagen, favoring the elasticity and the health of the skin, and as a consequence a reduction of the volume and the recovery of the natural color of the skin.


Iontophoretic scar-reducing patch offers stimuli that increase collagen production, leading to an acceleration in the healing process, resulting in a decrease in these undesirable skin marks.

  • Reduces hypertrophic scars, recent or old.
  • Reduces the volume of keloids produced by burns, wounds or surgical interventions.
  • Moisturizes the skin to promote the development of new skin cells.

    It is a natural component of the skin, necessary for the repair of the dermis, whose deficit is related to the abnormal disposition of fibroblasts and the loss of hydration, key factors in the formation of scars. The hyaluronic acid helps us to maintain the optimum conditions of hydration of the skin to be repaired..

  • EXCTRACTUM CEPAE (onion extract)

    It helps improve the production of collagen in the places where it is applied,  improving the appearance of scars.

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